Chair of the Jury

Kirsten Langkilde
Direktor at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW, Basel


Achim Heine
Professor at the University of Arts in Berlin and founder of design agency Heine / Lenz / Zizka, Berlin

Elise Lammer
Curator, SALTS, Basel and Berlin

Arie Hans Verkuil
Head of the Institute of Business Management, School of Business FHNW, Windisch

Jury Leaders

Jana Eske
Project Manager Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship and Curator

Claire Reymond
Academic Assistant Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship, Junior Researcher and Designer


Jana Eske

Claire Reymond

The jury will evaluate the works and projects within the three output categories Design, Art and Media/Music, and will focus on the areas of economy, technology or society, as well as the aesthetics of each project.
Graduation with a BA or MA Degree from the University of Art and Design or Music must be within the last 5 calendar years; correspondingly, the foundation of a company within the last 3 calendar years.