Application form

Individuals, teams and companies may all participate, also if they are domiciled outside Switzerland.

You may submit your application in English or in one of the official languages of Switzerland. Correspondence will be in German or English.

The deadline for application is 31st of March 2018. An exception can be granted in case of extenuating circumstances.

Regular admission

Please use our application form .

If your concept regarding the handover or takeover demonstrates potential and feasibility, and focuses on sustainably securing the future of the business, you will be invited to an admission interview.

The admission interview informs us about your plans and needs, in order to identify the best promotion measures for you. The application form and the admission interview will provide the basis for the decision regarding who should be admitted to the competition.

Exceptional admission

The Team of the SwissNEXT Challenge reserves the right to admit unusually sustainable concepts of particular relevance and/or excellent quality during the course of the competition, up until the second round of selection. A person or team who is granted extraordinary admission to the competition must fulfill the same criteria as the participants who are already taking part in the competition. They have a right to the same support and workshops as the existing participants (inasmuch as these can still be offered in the relevant time period).

You must fulfill the following criteria in order to participate in the SwissNEXT Challenge:

  • You are an enterprise that is established in the market (founded at least two years ago) and are planning a handover/sale or you have carried out a handover/sale within the last two years
  • You are planning to take over a business, or you have taken over or sold a business within the last two calendar years
  • You would like to develop a business to be sold to investors in the mid-term
  • The succession/takeover project must be submitted in one of the languages of Switzerland or in English
  • You may apply as an individual, team, business or institution

Number of participants

The maximum number of parties participating in the SwissNEXT Challenge is limited to 20.

The SwissNEXT Challenge reserves the right to refuse an application or to exclude participants from the competition without having to give a reason.

The support process is divided into three phases of two to three months. The support and workshops are geared specifically to the requirements of each phase and selection round.

You are entitled to access our support and workshops for as long as you remain in the competition. You can decide for yourself whether you wish to take advantage of our support, depending on your knowledge and experience. Attending the event is not a prerequisite for admission to the selection presentations.

Our support initiatives generally take place in the region of Northwestern Switzerland.

  • Knowledge: Acquire and apply knowledge in Business, Law, Entrepreneurship and other related fields
  • Networking: Engage in networking and exchange ideas with peers
  • Individual support: Take advantage of individual support and advice

Make use of the network

The SwissNEXT Challenge organises various events where experts support you in advancing your handover/takeover project. Experts share their experience and help you to professionally prepare your pitch. You find the event dates in the events section.

Get individual advice and feedback

All participants have access to individual support. Expert coaches of the SwissNEXT Challenge network address specific questions on relevant fields (e.g. Marketing, Finance, Legal) with you.


The winner will get an award of 20’000 CHF, second and third will receive 5’000 CHF each.

The funds are meant to assist you in the development and implementation of your innovation.